Ton Tan can offer a wide range of maintenance and service options - ranging from one-off repairs through to annual maintenance and tube changing contracts

  A trained engineer with over 12 years in the industry, we are able to offer maintenance on many makes and models of sunbed

In an emergency we will usually be able to repair your sunbed within 48 hours
We stock spare parts for most makes - to repair your sunbed at the earliest opportunity.

This will reduce exposure to your customers migrating to your competition, which in turn works to protect your income.

We can also carry out a valet on your sunbeds and if you are replacing the lamps on three or more beds this will be FREE of charge!
Dust can cause a lot of damage to your sunbed!

To the right are some examples of what it could look like behind the outer panels if you fail to look after the bed.
First and foremost, safety must be of the utmost concern with regard to sunbeds.

Trained professionals will be able to easily prevent any breach of the regulations and ensure maximum safety for your clients.

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Why should I maintain and service my sunbed?

Sunbed maintenance is absolutely crucial to keep your equipment working efficiently, cost effectively and above all else SAFELY!

The most recent models of sunbeds have the benefit of good design and require only limited upkeep, but maintenance is still essential to keep them in tip-top condition.

A poorly maintained sunbed will be less reliable, less effective and could cost you custom!


You should not use a sunbed if you're under the age of 18

[ Health information for sunbed users ]